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Scrappers. Glass Gun
There were four of them. They had a lot of guns and a small truck. Machines are against them. The fate of the city is in their hands!
The game takes place in the future. It is 2d action platformer.
The original game is absolutely free
Contains no advertising, without in-game purchases, does not ask for donation
The game is finished and you can play it from your browser.


ABC with Bubbles
ABC with Bubbles is a learning application for pre-school children which in a simple and exciting way allow them to quickly learn the Russian alphabet and start to form words. We specially designed funny and cute characters Bubbles to ensure that children have fun playing with them and study in the same time.


DualShock 4. OS7 (concept)
Concept of game "DualShock 4. OS7" for PlayStation contest. Text of the game concept (RUS).

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Turn off the light

Indirect control puzzle. Play Turn off the light

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Touch screen to control the jet. Fly around the asteroids and circus props. Collect all coins on your way and reach the finish line.