Scrappers. Glass Gun

There were four of them. They had a lot of guns and a small truck. Machines are against them. The fate of the city is in their hands!

The game takes place in the future. It is 2d action platformer.

The original game is absolutely free
  • Contains no advertising
  • Without in-game purchases
  • Does not ask for donation

The game is finished and you can play it from your browser..

If you like this game please vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Play Scrappers. Glass Gun

Steam version will include:
  • Achievements
  • High quality background music
  • Additional character – technician. He has feelings about the number 3.
  • 15 cool levels, including 3 bosses
  • New gameplay element at evey level
  • Weapon shop and 4 characters to choose
  • Storyline with short dialogues and postfuturistic humor
  • Dynamic soundtrack

Also I have planned to release extended HD-edition of the game in summer 2015 for Steam and for PS4 later in this year.

HD-release features:
  • High resolution and full-screen mode
  • New levels, more weapons and bosses
  • Survival game mode with a highscores
  • All characters will have own voice
  • Local co-op mode
  • Gamepad support
Who made this game?
  • Alexander Kondyrev (me) – planning, game design and programming
  • Ivan Chebanu – art and design
  • Music by Dmitriy Petyakin

Now we make our new game for PS4 and Steam. Soon I will publish more information about it.

How we make games?

Like that.

Package for portals:

Download Scrappers. Glass Gun